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Kim-Q is an interactive, web-based scheduling, reminding and notifying service. The service is designed to preserve dignity, promote independence and assist with managing the cost and coordination of care. Kim-Q is also designed to connect older individuals and their families through technology to maximize family communication and continue sharing  in the experiences of  daily family life.

To keep individuals and their families connected to daily events, daily activities are entered into a schedule from a remote location. At the time of the activity, an older individual is reminded of the activity by a voice and picture prompt. For example “Dad your doctor’s appointment is this afternoon.. I will pick you up at 10:00. Will you be ready?” The only action Dad needs to do is touch the “Yes” or “No” button on the touch screen.  The prompt will continue to remind until  a “yes” , “no” or “non-response” is recorded. The response is immediately sent to all designated family members via e-mail, cell-phone and/or blackberry. Families will know based on the response, if Dad knows and is ready for his appointment or a follow up call is needed.

To keep individuals and families connected to each other, family pictures and the voices of family members may be sent to share greetings, daily messages and share special remembrances.  Daily prompts for daily activities may also be the voices and faces of family members.

Kim-Q is easy to use, flexible to meet the unique and changing needs of family and will fundamentally change how families communicate and care for their older family members.

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