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Dust Sensors and Particulate Monitors

Particulate and Dust Monitors

We have a wide range of particulate monitors and dust sensors to meet your needs.

Filter Controls

Filter Controllers & Accessories

We have systems wide range of controller and interfaces for our PM monitors that will easily integrate into your existing plant network giving you complete access to the data you really need.

Filter Diagnostics

Filter Diagnostic Systems

We will be updating the website to include our complete line of products, so visit frequently.


Chemical Spiking for compliance testing.

Chemical Spiking

Chemical Spiking is used to inject a known quantity of a material or tracer into a system to document the system efficiency.

Particulate Matter (PM) Spiking

Particulate Spiking

PM Spiking is primarily used to elevate particlaute matter in a controlled manner for developing and auditing PM CEMS curves and for some PM CPMS applications.

Bag Leak Detector Alarm Setup for EPA MACT

EPA MACT Bag Leak Detector (BLD) Alarm Setup

B3 Systems provides assistance to facilities in setting up their bag leak detector alarms to meet EPA guidance.


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